Can Children Doctypes be Filtered on a Folder Based on the Parent Workspace?

This has been asked before (a few years ago, but I was wondering if anyone had a way to do this now).

We currently have created a workspace for each department (or major group) in our company. We made a custom workspace doctype for each of these with the intention of being able to limit or expand the creation of custom doctypes for each group. We realized that we still needed to allow for folders, so we had to create a custom folder doctype for each group also so that we could limit the children being made in them. This is a bit of a hassle, but we couldn't figure out a better way to do it (Professional Services also mentioned this was not abnormal when we were engaged with them). We went straight to WebUI and never used JSF.

We are having a few issues with the custom folder doctypes and Box Drive (possibly related to this, or to something else). We are wondering if we go back to just using the default Folder doctype if these issues would disappear. However, if we were to do so then we wouldn't have the flexibility to limit creation of doctypes based on group. Is there a way to limit creation of doctypes in a normal folder depending on the parent workspace? If so, that would make it much easier than the solution we are trying now.

This is how we have it set up: Workspaces Doctypes -> Folder Doctypes (as children) -> Then children are the same folder doctype and other doctypes such as Picture, File, etc

  • WS_Group1 -> FLDR_Group1-> FLDR_Group1(or other options)
  • WS_Group2 -> FLDR_Group2-> FLDR_Group2 (or other options)
  • WS_Group3 -> FLDR_Group3-> FLDR_Group3(or other options)
  • etc…
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