How can I brand the DAM module through Nuxeo Studio ?


I tried to brand the DAM module in Nuxeo Studio (trial version). I think that branding can be set in the “settings é versioning / project settings” tab. There's a combo box “target platform” where I suppose you can choose the module to configurate. But, I find no DAM module in the available list. Is this a bug or a limitation of the trial version ?


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It's not a bug or a limitation: for now, Studio don't allow to brand any addon. Otherwise, the branding can be set in the Project Menu / Branding. Here you can define a list of flavor, select your default one, and if you need to call some images in your branding customization, beware to upload them before in the Project / Resources menu.

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I don't think this is available as yet for Nuxeo DAM 5.5. If you are comfortable in the IDE environment then you can brand DAM with a custom contribution.

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