Slow startup on MAC OS X Sierra and Exiftools files in /tmp directory


For a few days (since the update to Mac OS X Sierra ???), the start of my Nuxeo local servers (7.10) time consuming when I logged in Wifi whereas with a network connection ethernet all OK . Files are generated at each start in $NUXEO_HOME/tmp: These files contain information “exiftool (1) User Contributed Perl Documentation exiftool (1).” An idea to solve this problem?

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Please see . Tell us which version of exiftool is being used on your system (exiftool -ver). Use ps -xww -o pgid,args|grep nuxeo to get the process-group-id (PGID), then use ps -g $PGID to see which processes nuxeo is controlling/spawned.

I had the same problem (Starting Nuxeo of elasticsearch was very slow since I upgraded to Sierra) it was solved following this:

Basically, just add your mac to the list (here, added after localhost):   localhost YOUR_MAC.local
::1         localhost YOUR_MAC.local
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it solves my problem. thank you very much

it solves my problem. thank you very much

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Given the first sentence, “Mac OS X possible update” and “WiFi versus Ethernet”, it looks like an OS or hardware issue, independent from Nuxeo.

The sample temporary file suggests that something is wrong about exiftool. But if it was a third-party version issue, then the “WiFi/Ethernet” switch would have no effect.

You can try with comparing the server logs between the two situations:

  • look for different lines
  • check the timings (execution duration)

Maybe that you will find some issue related to a timeout for instance.

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