How to add a comment on the top of the summary view of folder ?

I want to add a comment (or the description dublincore field) in the summary view. When I display a folder with a description field, text is displayed without linefeed. The comment is not displayed.

Template :

  • title
  • comment formated
  • content of folder

You can see what I want to achieve at

Thank you.

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The place where you'd like it to appear is shown above all tabs: this is the “header” layout, you can configure it in Studio next to others (create, edit, view, summary).

If you have formatted content, you can consider using the “HTML” widget type on these fields.

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Thank you for your answer. Il sall try as soon as possible (Nuxeo studio trial period expired)

I just tried to test your solution with success ! Thank You. I can add an hmtl header with title, image, HR, … I also test an bulleted list but rendering is false (no bullet)

Hi, There is indeed no summary view right now on the folder. The next major release will offer the ability to design your own tab very easily, thus allowing to display firstly some metadata, then a content view just below, etc… IS this answering your question ?

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Hi, thank you for your answer. What version will offer this ability ? 5.6 ad when ? Is this display can be formated (html for example)

This studio update will come within the next two months , but could you explain better what you want to achieve (maybe with a wireframe ? )