How to get what has been modified on a given document?


In Nuxeo DM, I have the need to audit in the History tab, besides Modification on Performed Action column, to have also the object of the modification, f.e.: Modified title or Modified givenProperty. Is there anything available that can handle this? I want to avoid using versioning because I don't want to store previous versions of the document (for storage reasons).

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What are your storage reasons to avoid storing previous versions of documents? The space taken is negligible.

My system will store thousands of documents, versions not included. If, for every modification to a document, I''l have to store a modification, it's going to take a considerable amount of space (f.e. a medium of 50 version s for doc.). Isn't a version a physical 'copy' (ante-modification) of a document?

Each new version is a few more rows in the tables of the database, but if the attached document itself doesn't change, there's no additional space taken by the copy. Nuxeo uses an intelligent binary storage system that automatically de-duplicates things.

And a some thousands of documents times 50 versions is a very small database for Nuxeo.