Share Nuxeo application between users in LAN

i want to let users in same LAN to use Nuxeo application, i wonder how many users can access to it, is there some restrictions regarding number of client machines, charateristic of server,… ? Is there a tutorial about this because i can't find anyone.

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There is no basic limitation or restriction about the number of users but the sizing of the server in terms of pools, sockets, HTTP and database connections, disk space, network bandwidth… Nuxeo is designed to have high and constant perfomance disregarding the number of users and the size or number of documents, given the condition that the server has enough resources and is properly configured. If you followed the ADMINDOC/Installation and Administration documentation for production purpose, then it is only a matter of usage analysis, prevision, benchmarks, architecture and proper configuration. For each part, we provide recommendations and default parameters but the perfect sizing finally depends on your actual usage, customization, plugins, volumetry. You should contact Nuxeo if you need assistance on that purpose.


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Thank you for reply.