Create custom metedata via restful API

Hi All, I am currently evaluating Nuxeo as the repository of our digital assets like image, audio and video files. One feature we absolutely require is the ability to create metadata via RESTful API calls. As far as I have understood, this is not easy in Nuxeo. It requires me to first create a facet and then create the metadata field(s). And, attaching the facet to the document type. It looks to me the above steps has to be done manually on the web interface. Can someone advice if what I have outlined is correct? Or, is there an alternative way to create custom metadata via RESTful API call?

Thanks in advance, ec

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I also wanted the same feature, but unfortunately Nuxeo didn't support creating document type, metadata through REST Api's. One need to create them through Web Interface and then install the build in the nuxeo server.

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I think what you are looking for is creating custom document type and custom schemas to have your own custom metadata. When done, you can use it through the REST API.

Some documentation that can help you: and

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yes, I would like to create custom document and schemas. But I want to create them via REST API. Is that possible?

The config endpoint allows to retrieve the definition of types, facets and schemas, but it is read-only

Thanks Thomas and Pibou!