Downloading files with metadata and uploading to new server with all metadata (ver6 to ver10) using Rest API

Hello, I am not good at scriptive languages, I need to move data from Old Nuxeo 6 to Nuxeo 10 but with all the meta data (I only have server URL, no other access to install any utility) Can anyone here please guide if there is any ready made kind of API which I can use to export then import (with meta data) I am not allowed to use any UI/addon to download as zip export or to use bulk import addon Please advise, highly appreciated. Thanks

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Hello, you can have a look to our export / import REST API (

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Thanks Gregory, I looked it that but as I explained I have no experience in coding side, so looking for a pre-built which I can run to retrieve data, there are so many things in that webpage and so many functions which are not clear and how to use them…. DocumentPipe, reader, writer, Treereader, Childreader :(