Is the "Embed nuxeo inside your application" integration scenario with nuxeo-client still valid ?


At the end of this documentation article there is a “Embed Nuxeo's services inside your application” scenario, where the app integrating nuxeo is simply using “nuxeo-client” and “nuxeo-services” (screen capture at the end of the page). This would be interesting in my use case.

I found the page on how to start nuxeo-services, but when I wanted to “do something with Nuxeo” (as stated in the comment of this article), I searched for the doc for nuxeo-client and found this other KB article which says that nuxeo-client is now deprecated and should be replaced by HttpAutomationClient. I 'm looking for the best performances, and thought that I would get this with java calling java (nuxeo-client) rather than calling services through http.

So, on to my questions :

  1. Is the “Embed Nuxeo's services Inside your application” scenario still doable today without having nuxeo services exposed through http ?
  2. Should I go with HttpAutomationClient, would the performance hit be noticeable ?



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