Nuxeo CMF email configuration - Multiple client access

Hi, The link before gives the default configuration with which we can configure email archive in Nuxeo instance. I need to configure email archive using pop3 protocol. Kindly help me enable this in Nuxeo CMF 1.8 and specify the modification that I have to do in the nuxeo.conf file. Also tell me how to access e-mails and from which location.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rajesh,

When the mails are retrieved from the configured mailbox, we look for the emails of the sender and the recipients. Once we have those emails, we can look for their mailboxes in CMF and distribute those mails in their mailboxes.

So in order for this to work, you need to have mailboxes configured with the appropriate emails.

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How we can configure mailboxes in Nuxeo CMF? Is it possible that a mailbox could be connected to more than one email accounts??(e.g., Will I be able to configure Nuxeo CMF like my gmail,yahoo, Hotmail emails can be retrieved there in my mailbox???)