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I am trying to figure out when i should use Domains instead of Workspaces. What would be the criterias for this choice ? Example : can we have different vocabularies in Domains but not Worskpace ?

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Here is a brief FAQ that I put together with Nuxeo's terminology. It helped my internal training dept. Sorry, I'm not that fluent with all the other ins/outs with it, but I feel Domains help if you want to limit permissions of groups of users.

Terminology Guide

  • Workspaces – Collaborative work takes place in workspaces. This is where users can create and edit documents
  • Templates – Templates can prepare the structure that will be applied to template-based workspaces.
  • Sections – Finished and Ready documents are published here. Users can not change documents here. Publishing is controlled using a workflow that requires publishing requests to be approved so documents can be seen.

Groups of users

  • Members – end users of the application

  • Power Users – Functional Administrators

  • Administrators – Technical Administrators

Working with Workspaces

  • Shared Workspaces - Places where multiple people can collaborate on documents before they are published.
  • Personal Workspaces - Only accessed by their owner, unless shared with others. Accessed by Clicking on your Username - Personal Workspace.
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