Ways of Importing Documents

I'm new in nuxeo. I will import some documents but don't know how to do it.

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Importing document is very easy in nuxeo. I hope “import” according to you is uploading files into the Nuxeo.

One direct way to import is through “New” button

Click on **New** button
Select the file type you want to import
Click on **Create** button

Another handy way to import is,

Click on **Import** button
Drag and Drop the files in to the Files block
Click on **Import** button

A quick method to import files into DAM is,

Drag and Drop the files directly into the Nuxeo Folders or Workspaces.
Find the **attached image** for more clarification

Hope these handy ways helps you to import. Happy Importing :)

FILES:   easy_import.png
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