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Is there a method to get the subfolder list of a folder by its id ? I found the repository().fetchChildrenById(id) method but it returns all documents (documents and folders). In the UI, nuxeo is calling this url when we disclose a node in the tree :


with this enricher in the request header : X-NXenrichers.document : hasFolderishChild

May be I can use the Java Client API to make this call ?

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The fetchChildrenById is designed to return all kind of documents, it calls the @children web adapter server side.

The url you give is a call to the tree_children page provider. You can request a page provider with the java client with Repository#queryByProvider API. In your context, the call to do would be something like below:

            .queryByProvider("tree_children", "-1", "0", "", "", "", "FOLDER_ID");

Note: the java client is still using the query endpoint API which has been deprecated. We've planned to use search endpoint instead JAVACLIENT-178.

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You can get the sub-folders of a particular workspace/folder with this query

nuxeoClient.repository() .query(“SELECT * FROM Document WHERE ecm:parentId = ? AND ecm:isTrashed = 0 AND ecm:mixinType = 'Folderish' “,pageSize, pageNumber, null, “dc:title”, “DESC”, parentId);

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