Ldap question

Hello everyone, I'm trying to authenticate Nuxeo with ldap in microsoft active directory, but having little in Microsoft AD ,and i dont know how to find all the right parameters for add to XML config file in linux debian, including: ldapUrl, bindn, bindpassword, searchbasedn, searchClass and FieldMapping .. of course I have access to my Active Directory with Domain admin that are user:(userleo) password: (passwd1), to see the address LDAP I run the command mmc on windows server and I added the ADSI Edit snap-in, when I connect I get the path LDAP :/ / server1.it2.local/Domain this, I guess is the address to join from Nuxeo but in this form LDAP :/ / rm-pineta1.La7.local: 389 right? then I created in Active directory a new organization unit as nuxeo_user with an internal security group called always nuxeo_user, with 10 users inside ,that will authenticate to Nuxeo,the ADSI edit show me the folder of organization unit , with this path CN =,OU=nuxeo_user,*OU=Groups,DC=it2,DC=local which are the paths to be used

Thank you all in advance


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