Create a simple workflow designer

Hello, I wanna create a simple workflow designer in nuxeo. An user can create his own workflow using this graphic interface. Is it possible? What should I do? Thx!

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If I understand well your question, there is no such feature in Nuxeo. the only workflow we have in standard is the Workflow tab in a non folderish document. The user can define his route.

After that you will have to wait for the Nuxeo Studio designer. But there is no way for Nuxeo to deliver a workflow designer into the UI. We assume this is more a configuration feature so non into the default UI.

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Hello, Thanks for your reply. I know, there is no workflow designer into the UI. I've already created my own workflow and deployed it correctly. I created a new nuxeo project with a processdefinition file, many contrib files,… Now, I have to create a GUI to design workflow and launch it after. It's so difficult and I haven't the slightest idea to do it.

If this is only generating a view against a document you just have to :

  • create a new Action into the category VIEW_ACTION_LIST
  • the filter of this action to display it only for your document type and context you want
  • the xhtml fragment that will render the tab and declare it into the link value of your action

For more information, go here: