Document creation handler succeeds from UI but fails from CMIS document creation

What needs to be done in order to avoid the following error from a operation event handler?$VersionNotModifiableException: Cannot set property on a version:

My code works correctly when documents are created from the UI – it sets additional metadata based on web service call results, similar to the external web service example on the Nuxeo blog.

However when I attempt to use cmislib's createDocument call, the VersionNotModifiableException error is returned when Document.Save is called on the modified object.

Is there something I should be doing in my Operation, or some special property or set of properties I should be setting on the createDocument call?

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I solved this issue by filtering the event in Nuxeo Studio to only fire when “Current document is: Mutable Document.”

I guess the CMIS createDocument must fire off multiple events for document creation, one containing a live document and one containing a version? Is this expected behavior?

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