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I am trying to build and package Jsf-UI from sources with maven, and install it offline with Nuxeo CLI. All worked with some workaround in assembly.xml, but it compiled and deployed. The problem is when I do login on browser I got that error: screenshot2.png

Other thing I see, is that, the JSF-Parent folder has too few modules compared with Nuxeo-JSF-UI installer screenshot1.png screenshot3.png

I must add all dependencies in my custom package? Is there any tutorial or documentation about doing that?

Thank you & Regards!

Maik :)

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Hello again,

I have packaged my JSF-UI bundle but I dont know if I got all needed dependencies all or needed modules. Before packaging I have installed on nuxeo server and it installed well, but when I started It, the server throw errors. How can I al solve it? screenshot1.png

What I am doing wrong? I am little bit lost in this task, I dont find anything about doing a fork of JSF-UI. Someone knows tutorial or guide to do it or something similar?

Thank you & regards! Maik :)

FILES:   screenshot1.png
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it seems you have another server already running

Hi Anahide Tchertchian , I reboot the host and then I started nuxeo server, and nothing changes :/ I have uninstalled custom packages and server started well…