can't find nuxeo-features/nuxeo-platform-notification/ 7.3

I'm trying to get notification working so i've downloaded nuxeo-features/nuxeo-platform-notification from GitHub but i'm getting some errors when launching mvn clean install , also i can't find a release for 7.3 version. i wonder if notifications code is still in nuxeo-platform-notification bundle or it's in a new location (bundle) . The below class is a Javamail working example

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As 7.3 is not a LTS, it seems to only have a SNAPSHOT release on GitHub, like any other FT. The 7.3-SNAPSHOT for nuxeo-platform-notification is available here.

As for your errors, some logs or error screenshots would be needed.


Thank you Greg Drayon for the link , actually i was looking for a class like this class in order to test notifications since i'm not able to get it working from Admin tba/setup … Concerning the errors i was able to solve them

i can't find a release for 7.3 version

I don't understand; are you looking for the 7.3 release tag in GitHub?

You should better look at is the Git tag corresponding to the 7.3 release. corresponds to the 7.3-SNAPSHOT artifacts. Those artifacts are deprecated since 7.4 release and may be purged at any time, as well as the branch being deleted.

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Thank you Julien Carsique First i was looking for the notifications bundle for 7.3 version , now i know that i can find it in this link , my other question was how can i test notifications using this bundle , as i thought i could find a test package as the one found in nuxeo-platform-mail , i mean is it possible to use a test class or i have to replace mail.from … with static values in java classes

My bad, I just discovered the "tag" tab in the switch branch/tag popup, thanks to you.

Some tests rely on the service configuration, thus are configurable from outside Java with System properties.
Other tests, like org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.mail.test.TestServer, have hardcoded values and thus require being edited for testing some specific case/environment. Note that the hardcoded configuration may stand in the XML contributions/extension points of the test.

It's a very good idea to reuse the tests for qualifying an issue.
If you confirm the issue, we'll need a reproduction case/code to work on it.


Sorry, i didn't understand, should i look over every class and replace values like "mail.from", "" …, or it's possible using XML contributions/extension points to test the bundle ? Also i can't find variable referring to Tls and authentication fields , actually i've tried a sample Javamail and i could send / receive mail using 465 port with authentication , but when using the same with Nuxeo i'm having ``` Error : Could not connect to SMTP host:, port: 465, response: -1

Testing emailing is always complex:

  • the service is tested by Unit Tests with an embedded "mock" server,
  • the effective email sending is tested by Functional Tests with a remote mock server,
  • the main online email providers are finally manually tested.

If you have an issue specific to a given provider and account, then yes you will have to modify the existing tests in order to reproduce your issue.

Note > The outgoing SMTP server,, requires TLS. Use port 465, or port 587 if your client begins with plain text before issuing the STARTTLS command.


Julien Carsique please are you able to send notifications from a Gmail account ? if so is it possible to give me a screen shot either from nuxeo.conf or Admin tab / setup because i've tried all settings (port 465 , 587 , …) but it still not working, and what i can't understand is that when using same configuration with a javamail sample example i can send an email. I've attached the class i'm using in my answer.