Is it possible to have default filtering for content views ?

Is it possiblt to pre-filter a content view list and be able to later change the filter selection ?

For example we might have a list of documents in different lifecycle states, but we only want to view the active ones by default - when we first access the list. We still want to view the others when we change the lifecycle from the filter - display the deleted ones or the inactive ones or both.

Thank you, Narcis Paslaru

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Filtering is done using a document model attached to the content view.

So you can use the same strategies than when pre-filling a document form for creation:

  • use default values set on schema fields when setting static values (not feasible using Studio)
  • use a listener when using static or dynamic values (doable using Studio automation, but you'll have to make the document model type generated by Studio available in document types list for the event filter)
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