Multi-repository setup and Web UI


I'm able to setup multi-repository configuration fine, meaning:

  • I can see my additional repository
  • that repository has a unique database, file storage and index
  • using JSF I can choose between the two, create documents, find them, and so on

However, I'm not able to:

  • use the Web UI in the same way; is my assumption that the Web UI does not support multi-repository configuration correct (just like it does not support multi-tenancy)?
  • I can't figure out if the unified Elastic index mentioned in documentation is just a ‚Äútheoretical possibility‚ÄĚ, or is there a configuration option to set it up?


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By default, Web UI doesn't manage multi repository (meaning, no repo selector), but it is not complex to handle it with Studio.

Reading the documentation, it looks pretty clear that you have to create a elastic config for each repo (


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Thank you for your answer! :)

I agree, there's no OOTB "repo-selector" (there is one in the old JSF UI, though). Also, we absolutely have to have a separate index for each repository, what I don't understand is what is meant by "unified index", for instance here:

From what I can gather, such a thing does not exist OOTB (one could create it, though) - meaning a literal unified index containing all the documents from all the separates indexes) - however you can query all the separate indexes at once, for example:


So basically, Web UI does not support multi-repository configuration, but API does. However, not through a single "unified index". Note though, I'm still learning/evaluating, so I may be wrong and would like to be corrected.