I want to attach files to a jpeg.

Hi all, I realise I asked something similar last week, but maybe the question was a bit confusing formulated. So here another try: I want to attach files to a jpeg. Bu if I open one of these, the tab with “files” isn't available in the tabs. Does anybody know why that is?



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I suppose you are speaking of a Picture document.

This document type does not implement the files schema, hence the impossibility to add other binaries.

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, I am talking about picture files. That the files schema isn't implemented is clear to me. But I still would like to know why it isn't implemented.

Design choice, I guess. But you can override the Picture doctype definition to add it.

Bit of a shame that it isn't possible with the files-tab. Thanks for your comment and have a nice weekend!

It's possible, just not out of the box. You need a bit of configuration to add this schema to the Picture doctype. The base platform cannot cater to all needs otherwise it would be a mess.