How do we search for accented words in Note content?

We have a document type that extends the Note type.

Our problem can be reproduced with the default Note type. We use Nuxeo DM 5.5.

We enter content like below in the “Content” field of a Note

"Comment déplacer le problème"

We then try to search fulltext with "déplacer le problème", "déplacer" or "problème" and our Note is not in the search results.

But if we search "déplacer" or "problème" we get the expected Note in the result.

Is there any way to make it that the indexed text is converted (without html entities)?

What extension point should we use to make such conversion?


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I ve tried to answer on this post:

Let me know what you think.


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Works fine if I want to replace the entities in the note.

But what about if I want to leave them as they were recorded, but make them searchable.

In other word, is it possible to do the change on what get indexed instead of what get saved?