Where is the Nuxeo Studio Designer button

Hey guys, I'm new to Nuxeo, I am, very simply, trying to customize the UI of an element in Nuxeo studio Designer. Now in all documentation and demo's I see a button, on top next to my project name, to switch between the modeler and the Designer. Only in my case it isn't there. There's no button to switch between the two. Can anyone help?

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The Studio Designer button is only available for the most recent versions of nuxeo. Which "Nuxeo Server Version" is selected in your Studio project's Application Definition (towards the bottom of the left menu)?

Thanks for the quick reply! That would be Nuxeo Platform LTS 2021, I have installed the nuxeo WebUI package and problem solved! Thx!

To be more accurate, the button is displayed only if Nuxeo Web UI is selected in the Application Definition, as a target addon ;)

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Hey Gregory, thanks for your quick reply! Problem solved!