Exception_message : Can't find a codec for class java.time.ZonedDateTime.


I'm trying to restart an instance after a backup restore, and I have the following error. The Json received by Nuxeo in front seems to be cut, and therefor i have “Invalid json” error and it cannot retrieve the document. Any idea about this codec error message ? Document is a PDF but don't think it changes anything.

2020-06-03T14:32:39,893 ERROR [http-nio-] [nuxeo-error-log]
Request Attributes:

javax.servlet.forward.request_uri : /nuxeo/api/v1/path/default-domain/sections/*****
javax.servlet.forward.context_path : /nuxeo
javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path : /api
javax.servlet.forward.path_info : /v1/path/default-domain/sections/******
javax.servlet.forward.mapping : org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationMapping$MappingImpl@283983
NuxeoExceptionHandlerMarker : true
messageBundle : java.util.PropertyResourceBundle@2806d491
nuxeo.disable.redirect.wrapper : true
user_message : An unexpected error occurred. Click on the following links to get more information or go back to the application.
_STORED_GENERATED_RENDERING_CONTEXT : org.nuxeo.ecm.core.io.registry.context.RenderingContextImpl@3f11f5b7
exception_message : Can't find a codec for class java.time.ZonedDateTime.
securityError : false
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