How can I stop logging during Authentication


on my nuxeo platform I get a log-entry into my postgres database for every log-in event.

Here is header and one entry into this table:

log_id | log_event_category | log_event_comment | lo g_doc_life_cycle | log_doc_path | log_doc_type | log_doc_uuid | log_event_date | log_event_id | log_principal_name | log_repo_id

80992 | NuxeoAuthentication | Administrator successfully logged in using BASIC_AUTHAuthentication |

             |              |              |              | 2012-06-05 14:28:51.153 | loginSuccess | 

Administrator |

The Postgres table name is nxp_logs, the schema is nuxeo.

This logging makes that table grow quickly as I have many log-ins, one for every search on my cms. Can you tell me, how to stop logging this event.

Thx for answers.


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You should contribute to the extension point event something that disables the event you want. For instance:

<extension point="event" target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.audit.service.NXAuditEventsService">
  <event name="loginSuccess" enabled="false"/>
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Thanks for your answer :) This has worked in exactly the way you described.