How to design my own workflow and deploy it on server

The documentation is poor and I do not know how to do it. I hope someone cant help me. Thanks

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Hi, You ask is not clear if you complain about JBPM or something else.

If you whant work with JBPM, the Nuxeo Documentation is very direct and focused how to integrate your JBPM process extention points and plug it for certain document types of Nuxeo.

In another hand , have many ways to implement Workflows that works perfect into Nuxeo withou using direct the Super-MegaPower-Bazooka-to-kill-ants of JBPM… If you use Nuxeo Studio, you can Just draw a couple of Automation-Chains, event-listeners and User-Actions, Document-Lifecycle, and so you can have many kinds of simple, verticals and funcionals workflows running on…

Also you can build it by hands… in the sabe way… Automations, Actions based on document states, layouts, listeners, etc… Even use the JBM as a task manager.

But if you are looking for to feel the JBPM in totally running on Nuxeo, I think you should start to learn something about Integrating SEAM AND JBPM, to understand the how to work with PageFlows, Decisions, Joints, Forks, mainly PAGEFLOWS etc… After that… just take a fast look in the “poor” documentation of Nuxeo Workflow and sundely you'll see that you have all know-how you need to do yours JBPM Proccesses Surfing above Nuxeo EP….

Also… try use JBoss Tools… Helps a Lot!!!

Eclipse Plugin to draw flows

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hello, I´ll want to know where I can find this configuration file on my nuxeo server <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.jbpm.core.JbpmService" point="processDefinition"> <processdefinition path="process/parallel-review.xml" deployer="nuxeoProperties"/> <processdefinition path="process/validation-review.xml" deployer="nuxeoProperties"/> </extension> I don´t know where this file is copied

Sorry… when I said "poor" jbpm/nuxeo documentation, I did in a sarcastic way… =)

I whant to say… Has the enough about how to plug JBPM in Nuxeo DM.



I've read all the content of the links that you give but I can't create my own workflow. I'm beginner in nuxeo, and I want to create a sample workflow in xml.

Please, can you give me all the codes with the file names, directories, to do this?




Nobody can give me the answer? please!!!


Hi dude! Sorry for so long time…

Business Process Management, by himself is something a little bit complicated to understand, you need learn about BPM.

The first step: Learn JBPM… Have thousands articles, tutorials, docs on Internet about JBPM in any language you need. When you understood how JBPM works… You can Draw your process using e.g. Eclipse plugin for JBPM…

Second Step: Learn how to Integrate JBPM with JBOSS SEAM, it is the easier way(I guess) to integrate Jbpm with any JEE Web App. How to connect your WebPages with your JBPM Process also how to make JBPM see your pages..

Third Step: Nuxeo have a beautiful support of SEAM and JBPM, so… Now you know how to Use SEAM and JBPM, you Just need put all inside Nuxeo… and… you'll have JBPM Process running in your instance of Nuxeo ECM…

Do you got?

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This file you will find into some Bundle JAR of default platform…. So, you dont need crack the JAR =) Remember that Nuxeo is OSGI container… So, that configuration can be replaced/changed or new one added using the Certain Contrib in your custom plugin.

In the same way that to define the process definition JPDL xml, is to attach a process for the Document Types,,,

For exemple, if you whant enable one jbpm-process for your custom Document Type…

E.g. just create one “myJBPM-contrib.xml” in your OSGI-INF package (remember to set it in MANIFEST.MF) with the lines below:

<filter id="jbpm-process" append="true">
  <rule grant="true">

<type name="My_Document_Type">

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can you give me example of your workflow(JAR FILE) created in JBPM

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