How to get the InputStream of a file without using FileBlob.getStream()?

Is there a way to to get the InputStream of a file without using FileBlob getStream() method? I ask this because when I when I use fileblob getStream() it seems that it copy first the file in a temp file then return a blob. I this will affect the performance of my download because it will download first the file from nuxeo before it response as a file to the client.

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What version of Nuxeo are you using?

Also, which FileBlob are you talking about? The one from Automation Client (if you're using Automation Client), or the one internal to Nuxeo (if you're extending it through its native APIs).

I'm using version 7.2. And the FileBlob that I was talking about is from Automation Client

The Automation Client FileBlob is always backed by a temporary file at the moment, even before you call getStream.

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Ok so there is no way to get the file without storing it in a temp file first. Thanks for this :)

Without re-coding part of the Automation Client (which is just a REST API client really), no.