User action query based on form input values

Hi, i'd like to add some user validation during the process of a document creation (creation form). It should query based on few parameters (min 2) to find duplicate Documents having same value in their metadata. The goal is to avoid creating Documents with duplicate metadata.

So i added a widget on the creation form, linked to my user action, linked to an Automations chain. This automation chain will, amongst other things, execute a NXQL query and display results to the user (link to said Document).

Severals problems :

How can i retrieve user input values to pass them as parameters to the query ? Can we stop the page reload (“Use ajax actions” options on the widget doesnt seem to be enough) ? How can i show the results to the user so that he can check those results in the creation form (ideally) ?

How should we create this process ?

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You need to create a hidden widget with a cross validation. An example are included in the aswer Validate on multiple widget fields

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