Nuxeo Drive change URL

Hi, I'm trying the last version Nuxeo drive 1.02 and it's work fine. But I can't change the URL Nuxeo Server in the Nuxeo Drive Authentication in the windows client: nuxeo-drive-1.2013.0503-win32.msi

How can i do and where Nuxeo drive stock this information?

Best regards, moise

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Hi, who are know a solution to change URL of Nuxeo Drive Authentication after first configuration? How can you do to remove entirely Nuxeo Drive from computer with configuration?

Please help me, Best regards, moise

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Please ask a new question instead of posting in the Answers section.

It's not a new question! If you read it, it's the same question, I posted it to emphasize and repeat more clarly my question.

Please Help me to answer. It's a bug? what can I do?