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I am using the “Nuxeo Management REST API” addon to target an asset to recomputing the renditions. With an NXQL query param, I find the asset to reprocess, but the call shows nothing has been scheduled. I expect it to tell me one queued for processing, and then the new renditions would appear in the UI. If using the following call, shouldn't I see something being processed?

Request: POST http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/management/renditions/pictures/recompute?query=SELECT * FROM Document WHERE picture:views: = “Away.jpg”

Response: “entity-type”: “bulkStatus”, “commandId”: “—“, “state”: “SCHEDULED”, “processed”: 0' “error”: false, “errorCount”: 0, “total”: 0, “action”: “recomputeViews”, “username”: “—“, “submitted”: “2020-10-14T17:28:59.576Z”, “scrollStart”: null, “scrollEnd”: null, “processingStart”: null, “processingEnd”: null, “completed”: null, “processingMillis”: 0

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The response gives you a command id for the bulk service, corresponding to the process you have to trigger. The state is first SCHEDULED, and then will be updated along the time. If you query for the status of the bulk service, passing the command id ( you'll see it is going to be updated along the time, until it is completed.


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If I understand correctly, you are saying that I am queuing the job with the Renditions query. I would then need a call that starts the queue. Is that the bulk status API call with the commandId? What is the API call that starts the queue? http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/api/v1/bulk/54018cf8-b58e-4e42-b754-729028caa4fa

You don't have to explicitly ask to start the process, it's done automatically.