Missing entry in LDAP

Hi our instance is configured to retrieve user infos from LDAP (auth is shib). When a document references an user (eg : last contributor) and that the account is no longer available in our LDAP directory, Nuxeo raises an exception. Can that beahaviour be modified ?

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When you report an exception, please include the full stack trace so that we can qualify the issue more quickly.


That sounds like a bug. Could you please fill a JIRA issue with the exception details and reproduction steps? Don't forget to provide all informations about your Nuxeo version, addons installed and overall configuration (you can use the “nuxeoctl showconf” command).


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There seems to be some problem with my JIRA account (cannot retrieve my password). So here are two stack traces

stack that generates an ERROR in logs http://pastebin.com/NGU8WY35

same problem at servlet level that "only" generates a WARN http://pastebin.com/Jei0bDq5