Will Studio help manage local Environment Properties

Can studio help with this: (If not what is a “best practice” for managing a property file for a Studio bundle?)

Description from documentation…

Nuxeo Environment Properties

Nuxeo environment properties are accessible in scripts using the Env map object. All the properties defined in Nuxeo property files located in Nuxeo conf directory are available through the Env map. This is very useful when you want to parametrize your operations using values that can be modified later on a running server.

For example let say you want to make an operation that is creating a document and initialize its description from a Nuxeo property named automation.document.description.

In order to do this you should fetch the property using the Env map in your operation parameter: Env[“automation.document.description”].

And then on the target server to create a property file inside the Nuxeo conf directory that defines the variable you are using in the operation chain:

automation.document.description = My Description

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Answered my own question!

Because I have a separate directory for the nuxeo.conf file I can maintain a set of environment properties in that file without any update issues, other than restarting when I need to change a value.

Studio does not need to be involved.

My initial thought was a file under the resources section, in Studio, but Nuxeo's design of adding “local” properties to the nuxeo.conf is much cleaner solution.

But then most of you know that…..Well done ladies and gentlemen of Nuxeo!

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Glad you find your answer :)