How do you list the documents and their corresponding workflow data such as the workflow assignee, workflow state and deadline (date)?

I am trying to produce a document summary containing document data and worflow data. Basically, each line will contain the document data and workflow data (assignee, lifecycle state and deadline).

Since the content view does not provide any workflow data except lifecycle state, I am trying to write a bean which will gather this information and display it from a tab. Recovering the document data is not a problem. To recover the workflow information, I tried using the DocumentRoutingService and TaskService. However, I get exception errors when I use them.

Could you explain the approach in order to do this? Thank you.

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You may have noticed that when a workflow is started on a document, you have a workflow tab that displays information that seem to be exactly what you are looking for. So why not reuse that? :) I've checked very quickly, but if you take a look at the following link, I think there is all the information you are looking for : Nuxeo GitHub Routing Layout contribution


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The workflow tab is per document. As we group the documents in different structures (like folders), we want a summary list to know how many documents are of a certain state out of a total number of documents in each structure and a breakdown on the task of the current document, due date, assignee, etc…

Basically, it needs both document and workflow data. The content view does not have this information nor the workflow tab.

Anyway, I will have a look at the layout contribution. I may have a few questions how to use it.