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i am trying to upload documents from local machine to nuxeo using webservices. I tried with SOAP UI first to upload a document and i am unable to find what is “type” and “properties” tags no where i got answer for this,plz tell me where can i find solution for this

please help me out……..

Thanks in advance.

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There is Nuxeo REST Webservices using “Automation”:

If you run your Nuxeo, please see the automation api documentation here:

http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/site/automation/doc. (your operation: Create document from file)

Here is the automation client in order to access by REST to Nuxeo, with several examples:


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Hi Vladimir, Thanks for your valuable reply.

I already tried with nuxeo automation client api. it is throwing some error I want to upload document to Nuxeo DAM, can you please provide any documentation for uploading assets from local machine to nuxeo(if possible code).


You can find more information and sample clients here:

beyond what Vladimir already suggested.