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I have uploaded a PDF file. But when I try to preview it, I can't see the text, only the formatting (lines for instance). Is there anything I should check (any2pdf)?

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Can you try to create it on demo.nuxeo.com and see if you reproduce the trouble ?

Yes, same issue. You can look at the document called "User Requirement Specifications.pdf" in Workspaces > IT department > Projects > Database migration > Documentation Moreover, I tried to upload a PDF available in the demo, nuxeo-cm.pdf, and I get the same issue.

When I did a "pdftohtml yourFile.pdf", I produce these following error:

Error: Illegal entry in bfrange block in ToUnicode CMap
Error: Missing or invalid Encoding entry in Type 0 font
Error: Unknown font tag 'RXX'
Error (358): No font in show/space
Error: Unknown font tag 'R14'

Do you reproduce that also in your OS? How did your produce this pdf?


On my OS, I almost get the same messages, although it doesn't happen with the pdf I retrieved on your demo, nxeo-cm.pdf So, you are right, it may be due to the production of my pdf (donethru pdfcreator).

Thanks for your help.

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