The list of items is empty when using the slot RESULTS_ACTION

Hello, I added my component in the RESULTS_ACTIONS slot-content like the following :

<nuxeo-slot-content name="exportPublicationAction" slot="RESULTS_ACTIONS">    
  <my-component items="{{items}}" selected-items="{{selectedItems}}"></my-component>

When testing I will have an empty list of items if I do not select any items.

Any idea please.

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Hello, can you detail a bit more what you're trying to do and add more context? Thx

Hello, thank you for your reply, I will need to add a button in the RESULTS_ACTIONS slot. the click on this button (even if no document is selected from the list of the result) allows to launch a processing (for example update of a metadata) of all the documents of the list of the result.

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thanks again, The csv export uses a provider page but I don't know how I can retrieve the list of documents from the provider page passed in parameter. Otherwise with the use of the "items" and "selected-items" parameters, I can easily retrieve the two lists if I select at least one element of the result but the problem will occur if I select nothing.