Problem in using the DriveEdit feature


my context: Nuxeo 7.10 - Windows

Drive is setup correctly (synchro ON and properly working)

I create one document with one Excel file attaced to it

I click on the Edit button and Excel is unable to open the Excel file (of course if I do download the file, then I'm able to edit it)

here are some screen shots showing what happens:

type an image title type an image title type an image title type an image title

Any advice?

Regards Christian

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Here are some info about configuration:

nuxeo: 7.10 nuxeo-dam-6.1.4 nuxeo-diff-1.6.5 nuxeo-drive-1.5.4 nuxeo-liveconnect-1.0.2 nuxeo-showcase-content-1.0.0 nuxeo-template-rendering-6.5.4 nuxeo-template-rendering-samples-6.5.4 nuxeo-virtualnavigation-1.1.4

système: OS : Windows 7 (amd64) CPU(s) : 4 JVM : Java™ SE Runtime Environment 1.8.0_77-b03 - build 25.77-b03 (Oracle Corporation) Platform language : fr null Java Memory: Heap size : 661 MB Used : 245 MB Free : 415 MB Max size : 910 MB

drive: 2.1.316

MS: Office 2010 excel:14.0…. IE: 11

Strange: if I create a new document and I attach a pptx file, when I click on the Edit icon, it tries to launch Excel instead of Powerpoint !!!

Any idea?


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Can you please provide the versions of Nuxeo Drive, Windows, Internet Explorer and MS Office ?

Do you have the same issue with another document type, .doxc or .ppt x for instance? Can you also try with an .xls flle?

Can you also set the log level to TRACE in the Nuxeo Drive Advanced Settings, replay the scenario and attach an extract of the $USER_HOME/.nuxeo-drive/logs/nxdrive.log file?


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