problem when using custom (not

environnement : linux Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS with LibreOffice 420m0(Build:2) nuxeo 5.8 HF30 java 1.8 u40

usecase 1 : multiple instance of soffice with one nuxeo instance usecase 2 : multiple instance of nuxeo with different instance of soffice

usecase 1/a (fails): jod.connection.protocol=SOCKET,2004

the 2 soffice.bin are launched wit nuxeo start but when a convert has to occured, i got an exception : [org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.convert.plugins.JODBasedConverter] org.nuxeo.ecm.core.convert.api.ConverterN otAvailable: Converter any2pdf is not available

when the 2004 instance is killed, it doesnt respawn when the 2003 instance is killed it does respawn

when stopping nuxeo, it takes anormal time, and after timeout, the 2 soffice process are still running (preventing to start soffice on next nuxeo start if not killed)

usecase 1b (works) : jod.connection.protocol=PIPE,office2 jod.jpipe.lib.path=/usr/lib/ure/lib

the 2 soffice.bin are launched wit nuxeo start i can kill either soffice, they immediatly respawn when nuxeo is stopped, the 2 soffice are correctly stopped without waiting a timeout

usecase 2a (fails): nuxeo1 (convert work): jod.connection.protocol=SOCKET (2003 is the default) nuxeo2 (convert failed) jod.connection.protocol=SOCKET

the soffice attached to nuxeo1 (on port 2003) does respawn if killed and convert works on nuxeo1 the other doesnt respawn and convert doesnt work on nuxeo2

usecase 2b (works): nuxeo1 : jod.connection.protocol=PIPE jod.jpipe.lib.path=/usr/lib/ure/lib nuxeo2 jod.connection.protocol=PIPE jod.jpipe.lib.path=/usr/lib/ure/lib

usecase 2c:(works also if using Socket default port) jod.connection.protocol=SOCKET nuxeo2 jod.connection.protocol=PIPE jod.jpipe.lib.path=/usr/lib/ure/lib

(2003 is the default socket port) if I replace or add another port then it does not work anymore…

My conclusion is that there is a problem when using custom values for The problem occurs after starting when it has to find soffice instance (convert or nuxeo stop)

the problem doesnt seem to appear on windows (windows server 2008 + libreoffice 4.3+java8)

how to test : kill soffice process, if it doesnt respawn, then there is a problem

important : jod.jpipe.lib.path is mandatory for PIPE mode

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