How to override previous schema configuration in Elastic Search in Nuxeo

I had one of my field 'published_date' as 'timestamp' datatype.But eventually I had to make it as 'string' . I corrected in my schema file. But both db and elastic search suggested that it must be timestamp while adding new record.

I solved in db by deleting previous table from db……and new table was created by server with corrected schema.

But I dont know how to solve in elasticSearch.It still says that 'published_date' must be 'timestamp' datatype.(I know its data is stored in data folder inside nxsever, but i dont know how to delete its previous schema)

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You'd better create another property and not edit an existing property type: this is always risky.


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This will not directly answer your question, but I would never recommend to change the type of an atrribute. You can be sure of side effects you won't predict - there are some already.

I would add a new field, migrate values and remove the old one. Guaranteed it will save a lot of time - but again, thats my approach.

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