CMIS - change nuxeo:lifecycleState

I'm trying to modify the nuxeo:lifecycleState via a CMIS statement: curl … \ -F “cmisaction:update” \ -F “changeToken=…” \ -F “propertyId[0]=nuxeo:lifecycleState” \ -F “propertyValue[0]=“approved” \ “https:…”

It's not erroring. But it's not changing the lifecycle state. Should this be working? (P.S. We use CMIS extensively to modify other document properties as part of testing.) Thank you.

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nuxeo:lifecycleState is a read-only property, as you'll see if you query the CMIS types. To change the lifecycle state you need to use non-CMIS methods of interaction with the Nuxeo native APIs. For example use the Nuxeo Automation APIs and call the Document.FollowLifecycleTransition operation.

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