Is registering for Nuxeo Online Services during setup now mandatory?


I've just installed Nuxeo 6.0 on an Ubuntu box using the instructions here.

What's odd is that using the Nuxeo setup wizard, the option to skip registering for Nuxeo Online Services is no longer visible. Here's what I see: alt text

And compared to what I last saw when installing Nuxeo a few weeks back here.

Has anything changed recently or am I simply missing something?

Cheers, Dave

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I always skip the wizard with nuxeo.wizard.done=true in nuxeo.conf – we pretty much have to skip it for automated development or production server deployments. All of the configuration parameters are documented and there's nothing that the wizard does that the configuration file can't do (besides register with Nuxeo Connect, of course).

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Thanks for that information empiricalthought, very useful.

Cheers, Dave


Steven Huwig I thought the wizard is also used to prep the database, e.g. create tables/etc for a fresh install, or run migration scripts for an upgrade; if what you say is accurate, do you have any idea when the database prep phase takes place ?

I believe all of those operations are run at server startup based on the installed packages. looks like it has some information.

Steven Huwig thank you for replying and the information.

May I also ask if you know of a way to have that database initialization take place without actually starting the server ? i.e. I am looking to automate a multi-versions-upgrade process (FT-versionX to FT-versionY to FT-versionZ), which - AFAIK - means I need to be able to init the database after each upgrade and then move on to the next upgrade, all grammatically. But launching the server (which is the only means I know of to trigger the database init process) is a blocking command, and I would like to avoid workarounds like launching and simply killing it after NN seconds blindly. in a search for other means I have tried 'nuxeoctl configure', but it seems to only do packages loading and not database initialization. Any idea ?

p.s. here is my post, which I had posted before I have found this thread:


Rafi Cohen Maybe someone from Nuxeo knows more, but assuming there isn't an easy button for multi-versions-upgrade-process, I would use something like Ansible's wait_for facility to launch and kill the server, but not blindly. :) In my company's own startup scripts, we wait for "Server startup in" to appear in the Nuxeo log file before continuing with API calls against the running server.

Steven Huwig +1

Thank you, your prompt replies and detailed information are much appreciated.