how to set URIEncoding="UTF-8" for nuxeo server?

Hi, if I try to edit server.xml adding URIEncoding=“UTF-8” to Connector, when I restart nuxeo, server.xml is overwritten and I lose my changes.

Tnx in advance, M.

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The server.xml is generated from conf/server.xml.nxftl in templates/common-base.

It is bad practice to directly modify the standard templates though, instead you should create your own template with your own conf/server.xml/nxftl that will override the one from the standard template:

  • create a directory for your template (let's call it mytemplate)
  • create a mytemplate/nuxeo.defaults file with the line:
  • add your custom server.xml.nxftl in mytemplate/conf/server.xml.nxftl
  • add your template to nuxeo.conf: nuxeo.templates=default,/path/to/mytemplate (just add /path/to/mytemplate to what you currently use)

Edit: see Configuration Templates and related pages for more about templates.

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