bugs in internet explorer

Dear Sirs As our company is using your firmware id like to ask some questions.

As from latest update it is impossible to use nuxeo in internet esplorer as after selecting any folder/icon it is necessary to refresh whole browser to be able to edit/move/copy selected files/folders. Alse we encountered few issues regarding uploading - uploaded files were “zeroed” - they had 0 size.

It is a bit problermatic as only internet explorer is able to upload folders with subfolders.

Everything is working fine in firefox - but there is no plugin to firefox that allows for uploading folders with folders structure inside.

Id really appreciaty help in these regard.

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Which version of Nuxeo and IE are you using? It seems we have a regression on IE10 since 5.6-HF29/5.8-HF04.

Yes, he uses IE10, but it looks as an earlier problem.

There is a bug with IE10, which was introduced in 5.6.0-HF29/5.8.0-HF05 and will be fixed in 5.6.0-HF30/5.8.0-HF07 (See this issue).

If you can't wait for next HF, an easy fix would be to directly download:

These jars are to replaced the ones found in $NUXEO_HOME/nxserver/lib/ directory.

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It helped, thank you very much :)

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Its IE 10, its unusable at this point ;/

Uploading folders with subfolders is main reason for me to use this browser.

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