overriding versioning rules in nuxeo


I am trying to override the default versioning rule for a custom document type through XML extensions in Nuxeo Studio. But my configurations are not getting applied to the document in Nuxeo DM. Also the extensions.xml built by Studio now contains both default and custom versioning rule for the same document type. I saw this bug reported in jira (https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXS-1259). Please let me know if there is a way to resolve this.

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You can lookup http://answers.nuxeo.com/questions/3905/how-can-i-disable-the-option-skip-version-increment

Current workaround is annoying as you have to place you versioning rules extension point in another jar, and make this bundle depend on the Studio one to make sure your contribution overrides the Studio one. But fix should be online soon.

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