Nuxeo Static War deployment and customer content type plugin jar question

I am running 5.8 and downloaded the HF08 patch and was able to run nuxeoctl pack to create the zip file. I had preconfigured the install with my custom content types jar and installed to plugins. After deploying the static war I do not see the custom content types nor my plugin jar file. I tried domain_home/lib but.

Where do plugins get deployed in the static war deployment model?

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Your issue is using the “plugins” directory (NXP-10226). Place your custom bundles into the “bundles” directory instead (both directories are equivalent, only purposed to ease file management with a physical separation between default and custom plugins).

In the static WAR, all JARs (Nuxeo bundles and libraries) are deployed in “webapps/nuxeo/WEB-INF/lib/“.
Since NXP-13729, there will be a “webapps/nuxeo/WEB-INF/.nuxeo-bundles” file listing the Nuxeo bundles detected and processed while generating the WAR.

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