Design has changed after use of Nuxeo Studio

Hello everybody,

I'm discovering the Studio funcitonnality, but due to my company's proxy, I have to install the .jar files manually, so I activated the Developement mode, as asked

I don't know if it's the right reason, but since this day, the pages design is “uglier” than before, and many sentences, such as “To delete me and add a field here: Studio>Content Model>Documents>File>Edit Layout” appear almost in every page

==> how to display the “beautiful” design as before, and remove all those sentences ?

Thank you very much Julien

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In your Studio Project, you have an application template that is deployed by default. We do this so that you do not have a blank page when you access your Studio project. The default templates redefines a few document types including there layout. So i do not want the messages, you can either modify your studio project and remove the fields you do not want (in your example above the file edit layout) or you can unimport the default template in Settings and versioning (Studio) > Application template, look for the one called default DM configuration and remove it.


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