CMIS query on new schema field created on Studio

Hi, I'm using the Nuxeo 5.9.3 to manage the picture files and I'm using the Drupal with the Cmis module to get the images from Nuxeo.

I need to have more fields added to the picture like a “reference” field.

I'm using the Nuxeo Studio to do this modifications, I manage to add a new field to the File Document schema but it doesn't show in the Picture document so I created a new Document “picturetest” added a new field “reference” to it.

When creating a new Picture Test document in Nuxeo the “reference” shows in the edit tab, and I can see it in the properties when browsing in drupal is the property “picturetest:reference”.

I tried to query from Drupal width the query:

SELECT * FROM cmis:document WHERE picturetest:reference like '%98765%'

I get this error:

CMISQL: SELECT * FROM cmis:document WHERE picturetest:reference like '%98765%': Line 0:0 rule query failed predicate: {picturetest:reference is not a property query name in any of the types in from …}

What I'm doing wrong?

It is possible to put the “picturetest” as a type of document to be query by the CMIS?

or how can I tell CMIS to recnognize this type of document?

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