Multiple Files to one XML

Excuse the dumb question, I'm new to Nuxeo:

I would like to generate a file formatted like the one in the Zip Tree XML Export action, but instead of having multiple “document.xml” in various directories, I'm trying to generate a single XML with several

I've tried writing some classes similar to ImportExportActionBean and NuxeoArchiveWriter but I've found that the I cannot write inside a Zip on a file that already exists (Error during XML export duplicate entry: document.xml), and also that does not append content on an XML but overwrites it.

What should I do? Create a custom ExportedDocument class that describes a List of DocumentModel instead of a single document? Or find a way to write single XML elements from the ExportedDocuments and append them to the XML files?

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I have the same problem to manage export rules and i don't know what is the right way: custom ExportedDocument or add every xml to unique xml file? and how to do?