Is Nuxeo the right DMS for me?


I search a DMS System for my company. I want to archive PDF's (bill, invoice, …). What I need:

  1. Search inside a PDF (OCR?)
  2. Automatic import from a folder. I want to copy PDF's in a folder and nuxeo should tagging and classifing the PDF accourding rules and text inside the PDF
  3. export each month the invoice for the tax consultants
  4. Outlook and Thunderbird Attachmend transfer to nuxeo

I have install it right now on Ubuntu Server 13.10 and running fine. But I use before ecoDMS and this is much more different.

For any help I'm thankful!

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Indeed, Nuxeo Platform should help you greatly in achieving your goal. The OCR part is indeed let to the digitization system (scanner, or complete software chain); But then you can easily inject pdfs in the Nuxeo repository, and plug some filing logic. There is in the community an outlook plugin (you can type outlook nuxeo). It would be the matter of 2-3 days to build a complete javascript extension for thunderbird using our javascript client.

Good use !

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