How to fix garbled characters received in Kafka Audit Log Listener

kafka-screenshot.png We have setup Kafka as audit log listener and we are seeing the logs. Following is the way we have configured

  1. Wrote extension point with target: point: kafkaConfig

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <component name="com.softcell.kafka.contrib.kafkacontrib">
    <extension target="" point="kafkaConfig">
    <kafkaConfig name="default" topicPrefix="nuxeo-">
        <property name="bootstrap.servers">localhost:9092</property>
        <property name="bootstrap.servers">localhost:9092</property>
        <property name="">65000</property>
        <property name="">60000</property>
        <property name="">20000</property>
        <property name="">1000</property>
        <property name="max.poll.records">50</property>
  2. Added following config to this contributions nuxeo.defaults:

After doing this, I start listening to topic nuxeo-audit using consoleConsumer using this command: bin/ --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --topic nuxeo-audit

I can see the logs getting generated. However there are garbled characters in them. Pasting a sample below:


I can see in the source-code that BytesDeserializer is being used for value but I am not sure why am I seeing garbled characters. Any help in this would be deeply appreciated. Thanks

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I think you need to add this to nuxeo.conf:

You can find more info here:

There's a warning about using this with Kafka topics but I'm not sure it applies in your situation.


Thanks for your inputs LaraGranite. I added the codec config like you mentioned but didn't see any changes. I can see that there are a few more codecs available. I will try them and will post the findings here.